What’s Old is New Again

It’s strange to think the last time I wrote my thoughts in a blog, smart phones and iPads didn’t exist, the housing market hadn’t collapsed and Mateo was barely 3 months. Now, he is a month shy of three years. And it has all past so incredibly fast. Mateo isn’t a baby anymore, but this little man, with his own thoughts and a beautiful personality. It’s been a goal of mine to climb back into this fast social, virtual world, but real life seems to take all my time. Once again, I can only leave you with a hope of spending more time connecting here……


the dawning hour

It is always so serene to watch the sun rise. A completely relaxing and joyous moment.

It is my goal to start blogging again. I know it is something that I have quite slacked upon since mateo was born. I’ve found it hard to find the balance between sharing my thoughts with you and keeping mateo personal and not so public. Perhaps that is why it has been so long since I’ve written. My world revolves so much arounds him. Lovingly so. But I miss this.

So stay tuned. Right now I am focusing on revamping the look…. Have a beautiful weekend world!

jobro lover…. say what?

So there is a first for everything…. and a second to if you don’t learn the first time… The story starts with my sister loving the Jonas Brothers, who up until recently, I had never given much thought too. The Jonas Brothers, not my sister. I heart her. Well, low and behold, it seems the “JoBro’s” will be here in concert next week. But I already knew that, as my mom and sister have asked me about tix… 

… As fate would have it, on Thursday our company received an emailing about a limited number of comp tix available to the show, courtesy of LiveNation. It was first come, first serve, etc. So in excitement that I might be able to get tix for said sister after all, I stupidly hit “Reply All” and let the ENTIRE COMPANY know that YES PLEASE, I want JoBro tix… which I have now learned is liking asking for Britney Spears or Backstreet Boy tickets, quite embarrassing. 

Needless to say the rest of the afternoon was spent hiding from incoming flux of cyber mocking from once well liked co-workers… So no, I am not a JoBro lover, but I do love my sister… so if you must mock, please mock her!

the delete button

There is never a dull moment in life… it is what you make it. This week has been focused on getting Mateo and I well again (i caught his cold). If you keep up with us on FB, you know that he got a double ear infection and was just not himself this week. I think he is finally doing better. He has this new habit of demanding to be fed by crying now though… Hopefully that will stop. 

102_1128 Even when he is sick, he is happy and cute. He managed to smile even when he wasn’t feeling 100%. He was also naked baby this week, while he had a fever. Chris and I learned a lot about what to do for a sick baby with a fever. I guess no matter what you read, it’s just different when it’s actually happening and your brain seems to turn to mush and seems to develop, oh what’s the word, amnesia. See what i mean? 

My mom has told us from the beginning how lucky we are to have such a good and chillaxed kid. So we weren’t prepared how to handle the unconsolable crying. It broke our hearts for him to be in pain. It mainly required holding him at all times, since every time he layed down, the pressure in his ears was too much. We also found out that he is allergic to amoxicillin. Yaaaaaa. he broke out in a rash from head to toe…. Not good. So the doc had to prescribe a zpac to fix him up. That upset his tummy but at least the rash is gone.

So that is Chris and I’s first adventure in sick baby…. and mom says it’s not the last….

a trip to the ER

Mateo woke up with a fever of 101.5 Saturday, which sent us to the ER. He checked out okay and the doctor said he was likely coming down with a virus, etc. Most of you know that Mateo is chill and happy almost all the time, so hearing his paining screaming was heartbreaking for Chris and I. We just didn’t know how to comfort him. Chris and I have been on rotating shifts a majority of the time (one sleeps, one takes care of bubbie). We’ve been giving him Tynenol for the fever and feeding him more frequently as well. He is most unhappy when we lay him on his back, perhaps there is something painful about it. He has also been constipated, poor lil guy. I wanted to thank all of you peeps again for your great suggestions on how to help him. For the first time ever, he hasn’t liked his bath, but the tepid washclothes help. Today he seems a bit better, taking time to play him his mat some. He has even smiled a few times. Still having to hold him while he sleeps though. I will keep ya’ll updated. Peace out. chey 🙂  ps. when things get more normal again, i will post about chris’s trips and the great scorp debacle of ’09.

figure it out

Mateo at 3 months

So i know i need to update better, especially with mateo growing so fast. He seems to learn something new every week, if not day sometimes. This weeks big feat is rolling, no problem, all by himself. Funny tho, he gets so upset after about five minutes because he can roll back over to his back. He is only cool with the tummy time for about 5-7 minutes.

This week also marks the three month point. It has all happened so very fast. Yesterday he was so tiny, today he took his first IN THE BATHTUB bath. Seemed to love it. We already tossed him in the pool once. He was much more relaxed about than I was.

Other highlights of Mateo’s life thus far: his new nerdy (but SO lovable) laugh, all the amazing cooing and talking and singing along to songs, finding his hands and toes, playing in his Bumbo, and I think so much that I can’t even think of in this moment. My favorite has to be that he smiles every time I appear. It is the most amazing feeling. So was sleeping through the night… lol, which is almost all the time.

So there you have it, the 3mth Mateo Chronicles… stay tuned for more…. peace out.